Sepahan, Persepolis

Tehran Times - Persepolis and Sepahan football teams had their deducted points returned by the Iran Football Federation’s Appeal Committee. The ongoing 2023/24 Persian Gulf Pro League (PGPL) season is now more intense, particularly in the title race.

The Football Federation's Disciplinary Committee deducted four points from Sepahan four months ago for financial violations in players’ contracts. In October, they also deducted one point from Persepolis for tax violation issues, but the Appeal Committee has now overturned it.

The Appeal Committee finally voted after months of delay and review, while Persepolis and Sepahan teams anxiously awaited the decision of the Disciplinary Committee on their complaint against Esteghlal's contract violations!

Sepahan, who were one game and one point behind Esteghlal, have now reclaimed the top spot on the PGPL table with 31 points, surpassing the Blues by two points.

Persepolis claimed victory in matchday 14 of the PGPL, while Sepahan suffered defeat and Esteghlal and Tractor ended in a draw, heightening the competition at the top.

Persepolis, who have been struggling in their recent matches, were able to come out on top with a 2-1 victory over Shams Azar.

This crucial win was exactly what the Reds needed to regain control of their situation with only a week remaining in the half-season. Giorgi Gvelesianii, Georgian defender, netted four goals in the League, including a brace in this match, making him the team's top scorer alongside Shahab Zahedi.

Yahya Golmohammadi's team's spirit will be boosted by the return of their deducted point as they aim to regain the PGLP title for the seventh time in eight seasons.

The return of Sepahan and Persepolis points, as decided by the appeal committee, will undoubtedly ignite passionate reactions from other teams, especially Esteghlal, resulting in further controversies in Iranian football.